Packaging a Qt app for OS X

I participated in BarCamp Tampere 2 recently, and one of the many very interesting presentations was Ville Ranki talking about Siilihai, a web forum reader app intentionally very reminiscent of newsreaders of old. (read more)

Dgh, The Debian/Ubuntu Downgrade Helper

Ever had the bright idea of upgrading, say, your Ubuntu machine to use some snazzy new software from a PPA, only to have it blow up in your face? The grim realization that there’s no easy downgrade path, instead you’ll have to find every single package the PPA upgraded and downgrade them by hand to keep software from breaking? Me too! (read more)

Qt Quick 2 QML Scene Graph GLSL fragment shader tutorial

I had been hearing a lot about Scene Graph and Qt Quick 2 making it possible to implement whatever effects one wanted, to really make apps gorgeous, and still stay in the la-la-land of QML UI coding. What I hadn’t had was a chance to try it out myself, until recently that is. It’s been the most fun I remember having in a while, coding-wise. (read more)

Migrating a live Ubuntu install onto LVM2

My only home computer is, and has been for a while, a Nokia Booklet. It’s a nice ultra-portable fanless laptop that gets about 6-7 hours of use per charge, and is in my opinion one of the most stylish products ever shipped by Nokia. (read more)

Jitsu is a meta build system for Ninja

A while back I hit upon Ninja, a very fast and very simple build system that is apparently used for building Chromium. Can’t remember where I first heard of it, might’ve been Hacker News or just somebody’s tweet, but having been interested in build systems for years, at least since setting up Linux builds from scratch for a big piece of software while working on my M.Sc. thesis, I immediately started playing around with it. (read more)

Teach Vim about Gemfiles

By default, the excellent Vim editor doesn’t know what the filetype of Gemfiles is (it’s ruby, of course). I’ve been sprinkling Vim modelines in mine for ages, but just now as I was hacking at my clone of ticgit, I realized that it makes no sense to sprinkle these onto other… (read more)

Fix Outlook Quoting Style

Like many others before and after myself, I find myself having to use MS Outlook in my daily work. Also like many, I loathe its style of quoting email messages. Fortunately I use Exchange’s rather surprisingly good (as of the 2007 version) OWA web client, so with Firefox’s “It’s All Text” extension, Vim and some Ruby code, I can fix quoting in messages I’m replying to easily. (read more)

QML woes

I’ve been experimenting with Qt Components recently, even though they are very much in a pre-alpha state. I think that QML together with the excellent PySide bindings holds great promise as a crossplatform environment for mobile app development, even more so than Qt + QML, since there’s no need to set up toolchains for compilation and linking. I’m hoping to write many apps in this manner, implementing ideas that I’ve had banging around in my head for a while now. (read more)

Jekyll tag cloud

Having gotten the blog project off the ground and archives working, I decided to tackle the task of creating a tag cloud in Jekyll. (read more)